Information About Product Reviews

My reviews are honest, and I do not change them after I post them, with one exception. If the review has incorrect or incomplete information, I will correct it. I will attempt to answer questions if there are any asked after posting my review.

I post reviews on this website. I also post a notice on google+ for my reviews, and I will post reviews on Amazon and other websites featuring the products.

I use a template similar to the below for my reviews.

Stars: x out of 5

This review is for the this very specific item.

One line that describes the item.

Two sentence summary of the description.

If good:Up to three sentences of what you liked about the item, one example of what you didn’t like.
If bad: Vice versa of the above.

Did the item do what you expected? Were there any surprises you did not know about this item?

Short summary: would recommend the item, would you pick up another of the same item, why/why not.

Any other comments?

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Menu item above.

If you are looking for book reviews, please visit
my Book Reviews.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this website. I know your time is very valuable.

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