Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter

ASUS Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter Cable Adapter for TF201 and TF300
Model:                   90-XB2UOKCA00110-
Obtained from:   Amazon on March 7, 2013
Get yours:           http://www.amazon.com/Micro-Adapter-Cable-TF201-TF300/dp/B006AR1QAA/
Reviewer:            Charlie Kravetz
Stars:                  5/5

This review is for the Asus brand name micro-HDMI to VGA Adapter

Finally, I can see my tablet’s screen on a big monitor!

I purchased this to use with an ACER IKONIA A100 Tablet. This unit allows output to another monitor, for which I am using this adapter. I did find the difference between using the mini-hdmi and micro-hdmi a bit confusing. There is a difference, however, and my tablet will not use a mini-HDMI connector.

I plugged the adapter in and it worked. There are no settings to change, either on the tablet or monitor. It is very simple to connect to the monitor cable. I was worried about the cable pulling out of such a small connector on the tablet, but the micro-hdmi is much better at holding onto the connector than the standard HDMI connector on the TV. I would prefer a thinner cable on the adapter, but that might cause more issues, too. It does have to support the weight of the VGA connectors on both cables.

When this cable is in use, sound is normally transferred to the HDMI connector. Since this is a converter to VGA, sound is not transferred with the video. Instead, the sound can be heard through the earphone jack on the top of the tablet.

I am very satisfied with this cable. The output from my A100 is sharp and clear on the big display.

I can recommend this adapter to owners of the ACER A100. I do not have other tablets to try this with. For myself, I would gladly pay for a replacement adapter if this one becomes damaged.

Doro-PhoneEasy-618 Cellphone

Item:                     Doro-PhoneEasy-618 Cellphone
Model:                   Doro-PhoneEasy-618
Obtained from:   Sears on February 21, 2013
Get yours:           https://consumercellular.com/Info/PhoneDetails/468/Doro-PhoneEasy-618
Reviewer:            Charlie Kravetz
Stars:                  4/5

This review is for the black phone purchased at Sears

A nice-size cellphone for use as an actual phone.

This cellphone is marketed as “the phone for seniors”. I believe that is wrong. It really is the phone for those looking for an actual phone to make and receive phone calls. If you want a phone for texting and data, this is NOT it.

I purchased this phone from Sears to use with my Consumer Cellular account. It is a great phone. It is big enough to not cramp my hands, has buttons I can actually hit, a screen I can actually read, and a ring loud enough to hear. I have great volume control with it. I am used to one of those phones where I have to strain to hear anyone. This one just works. It has a speaker phone function built in, too. That is so good, when I put someone on speaker phone, they hear no background noise.

I am not so good at texting, although I seem to be learning. It is much easier to text from my google voice account, using a full size keyboard, mouse, and monitor. For those who don’t know, google offers free phone numbers in the United States. You can call anywhere in the USA for free, and the number becomes yours. You can transfer all calls to any phone in the country, and tell that phone to place all calls from google voice. I use use it for all text messages and all voice mail. Since I spend a lot of time on the computer, it is very easy to check my gmail account for voice mail. If I was left a message, google even attempts to translate the voice to text for me. Of course, I must wait until the end of each year to find out if this will be free for another year. That’s fine, I have had my number for two years now, and think I will pay if they decide to start charging.

Before I purchased this phone, I checked out the material on it thoroughly. I needed a phone with a clear display, text large enough to read easily, a speakerphone built in, and capability to use with a headset for hands free operations. The Doro 618 easily fills those needs. I got the black phone, and the front and back are black. The sides, however, are white, as are the top and bottom when I open the phone. The black color only refers to the actual front and back of the phone.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being worst and 5 being best, I would give this phone a 4. I can not give it a 5, because I am still learning what it is capable of. I was surprised to find I can not download any screensavers, backgrounds, or games to this phone. It simply does not have the ability for that. However, the phone works so well, if I managed to damage it or destroy, I would not hesitate to grab another one.

To get a look at this phone, drop into your local Sears. You can pick one up there, or go online to Consumer Cellular and order it direct. If you grab it at Sears, call Consumer Cellular to let them know you bought one and have your account updated to show it.