Item:                     Sanuk Men’s Hemp Sidewalk Surfer
Obtained from:   Amazon on October 12, 2013
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Reviewer:            Charlie Kravetz
Stars:                  5/5

This review is for the black Sanuk Men’s Hemp Sidewalk Surfer

Not quite a shoe, not quite a sandal, but really comfortable.

A lightweight sandal shoe, made of long lasting materials. These are not the prettiest looking footwear, but they sure are comfortable.

I walk, a lot, somewhere between 5 and 8 miles a day. I also have multiple sclerosis, and my muscles are weak. This is great footwear for me, it is very lightweight, yet after three and one-half months, shows very little wear. The soles are flexible, yet stiff enough that you do not feel the rocks through them. They are a bit on the ugly side, especially for a man in his 60’s. My granddaughter calls them my clown shoes, and yes, they do have that flared sole of the clown shoe.

I purchased these when I needed a new pair of shoes to walk in. As stated above, I walk a lot, and I wanted a lightweight walking shoe. I did not expect them to last a month, just from looking at them. With frayed edges and oversized soles, I figured I would see just how good Sanuks are. I am very pleased and surprised at the minimum of wear I see on these soles. I can still see the rectangle patterns on the bottoms.

In summary, this is a great shoe for casual wear. I do not think they will work for formal occasions, they just are not very formal looking. However, for those looking for a lightweight shoe to walk in, these are great. I have picked up a second pair, so I can rotate my wearing of them. I prefer to give each pair a day between wearing, so will keep two pairs on hand all the time.

These are also great for traveling. They are very lightweight, and take very little space in the suitcase. Since they are made of hemp and rubber, getting them wet is not a problem, and because they are light, they dry very fast. Also, they can be thrown in the washer if they need to be cleaned. I do recommend wearing a light no-show sock with them. The sole can be rather uncomfortable against the bare foot.